Campbell Carolan

Future Development, 2016

Dual Front
The Hand Gallery, 2018

13th St. Reperatory Theatre, 2017

2018 Miami Basel. Montez Press Radio, 2019.

Noblesse Oblige
NY Bienniale, 2020.

Other Side of History
Columbia University, 2018

Soft Skills
Red Bull Studio, 2015

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Individual & in studio

Victoria Campbell ︎

︎ Micaela Carolan

Est. April 15, 2012


Campbell Carolan is a two-woman act based between New York City and rural New Mexico. Since 2012, Victoria Campbell and Micaela Carolan have worked through the medium of the epic-- using performance, theatre, organization, and the plastic arts in general. They draw little distinction between formal and informal institutions and instead approach the transitory, precarious, and politically incoherent aspects of the new economy with the Xtreme principles called for. Should Campbell Carolan not be engaged in some kind of post- politico-practical pursuit of meaninful method, it is very likely that the two are not speaking. 

Together, Campbell Carolan is an effort to establish communicable boundaries between art history, the avant-garde-as-such, and our personal situations.

-Victoria & Micaela