Campbell Carolan

Future Development, 2016

Dual Front
The Hand Gallery, 2018

13th St. Reperatory Theatre, 2017

2018 Miami Basel. Montez Press Radio, 2019.

Noblesse Oblige
NY Bienniale, 2020.

Other Side of History
Columbia University, 2018

Soft Skills
Red Bull Studio, 2015

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Individual & in studio

Victoria Campbell ︎

︎ Micaela Carolan


Adnan Sarhan passed April 9, 2021. He died peacefully of natural causes. He was taken by ambulance to a hospital 8 April 2021. All indications are that the underlying cause of his death was age, exact age unknown. He will be buried in New Mexico.

Campbell Carolan @ New York Bienniale. Group exhibition curated by Dean Kissick. With Jacky Flowers, Precious Okoyomen, Hilvers, Precious Okoyomen, Amalia Ulman, Campbell Carolan, Aria Dean, Paige K.B., Sven Loven, & Torey Thornton.  

Pillow Talk Crisis as Aphrodisiac--the second bed-bound THINK TANK from PILLOW TALK, the squishy spinoff of HARD TO READ, ft. Jamieson Webster, Andrew Blackley, Reba Maybury, Natasha MH, Alana May Johnson, Campbell Carolan, and Suzanne Sutton, hosted by Fiona Alison Duncan.